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Good Time Tribe gets updated layout

Updated Layout for Good Time Tribe

Check out the “central command” for my website projects for friends and fun.  I regularly experiment with new layouts and designs, so Good Time Tribe is a good web site to visit frequently.

Good Time Tribe Web Site Gets Updated Layout

I try to experiment and work with new designs, wordpress templates, and layouts on this web site on a regular basis. Check it frequently to see what I’m up to.

Texas Art Blog Posts Page for Cottonwood Arts Festival

Cottonwood Arts Festival is a hit in DFW with tens of thousands of visitors twice a year. Be sure to check out their selection of painters, sculptors, and other artisans. For more information, check out the Texas Art Blog page.

Texas Garden Blog gets a new featured image

Texas Garden Blog Gets a New Featured Image

Everyone loves a great picture of a butterfly. Many gardens even have specific plants to attract butterflies.

Butterfly on Texas Garden Blog

Matt Wolfgang took a great picture of a stunning butterfly. I liked it and he agreed to let me use it for the featured image on the Texas Garden Blog.

Install Squid Proxy Server

Ubuntu for Free

How To Install Squid Proxy Server

Ubuntu For Free tells about how to install Squid Proxy server. Expect another upcoming article that tells about configuring it.